Don't let his appearance fool you, this guy is the master mind in corporate tax. Branching out into the corporate world after a three year stint in public practice. Ash completes the Maze Accounting dynamic duo. He is the ying to the yang, feng to the shui, the Bonnie to the Clyde.. (you get the idea!)

For those wanting specifics, Ash is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Tax Institute of Australia. He spends his time between being a tax specialist and keeping up to date with the latest, greatest technology and apps available that help keep businesses alive

Trained in the entertainment, amusement and lifestyle industry, his expertise has one focus, fun!

His passion is simple:

  1. Use opportunities to make business streamlined and efficient
  2. Maximise your time and bottom line
  3. Complete steps 1 and 2 while making it fun

With a love for sports and investments, during his time away from Maze Accounting you will find Ash on the golf course, trying his luck at the share market or at an AFL Game. He’s an Essendon man, but don’t hold that against him!